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Time and attendance of your workforce

Time reporting software improving your workforce management

For most companies, tracking time and attendance is an essential part of workforce management.

With TimePlan, employees can sign in and out via a card reader, pin code, or simply by using the TimePlan Web App on phones, tablets and computers.

TimePlan gives an updated overview of all employees, so you know who are at work, and who is in the building.

Absense can also be recorded via the TimePlan Web App or Native App, including sickness.

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Scandic Hotels gets accurate time & attendance data

Scandic’s employees sign in and out of shifts via TimePlan terminals. Work hours are registered automatically, including allowances for overtime and holidays. Each employee has his or her own login.

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Automatic data for payroll systems – Time Reporting Software

TimePlan provides accurate and updated attendance / absence data for each employee or department, alongside with the company as a whole.

Based on the attendance data, TimePlan generates accurate wage data for payroll systems including allowances, and thus delivers the foundation for reimbursement requests.

With TimePlan, you can also generate statistics and analysis based on registered attendance and absence data.

data for the payroll department completely automatic

TimePlan streamlines workdays across departments

“TimePlan gives us a much more structured workday. We have a better grasp at how to register and handle overtime for our employees. We know that their pay complies with the collective agreements and that all allowances are automatically calculated,” says Stine Pehrson, Shop Manager at the jewellery chain Henrik Ørsnes.

“We now have a much better streamlining of our workday at the stores, because it’s the system that decides. We also really like TimePlan’s wage budget module, which handles our salary forecasts and is part of our monthly budgets. It all runs automatically, and all we have to do is click on a few buttons and then all data is transferred to our payroll system,” says Stine Pehrson.

“TimePlan gives us a clear overview, and we can easily comply with our collective agreements. We save wage costs and work hours every day.”

Anette Skjærris

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Scandic Hotels

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