Licence & Hosting

Options for your workforce solution

License options

Purchase a licence

By purchasing a TimePlan licence, you have unlimited use of the software. The price is determined on your choice of modules, number of employees, departments, users and collective agreements.

Rental agreement

A TimePlan rental licence is available for an agreed period. The licence is automatically renewed for one year at a time. A rental licence always includes a subscription with updates to the software and free telephone support.

Use & Pay Licence

With a Use & Pay licence, you only pay for the active employees who are scheduled to work in TimePlan or who are absent during a given month. Invoicing is submitted quarterly in advance and adjusted according to actual use.

As a new TimePlan customer, one of the first things you need to consider is what kind of licence you would like.
Contact one of our TimePlan consultants to learn more about TimePlan licence options.

Hosting options

Once you have decided what TimePlan licence suits the needs of your business, you need to consider how you would like your TimePlan solution hosted.

You can choose to host TimePlan yourself or have us host the installation for you.


1. Host Your Own On-Premise Solution

You can host TimePlan yourself via a so-called ‘On-Premise’-solution. This option is aimed at companies with their own server farm and IT-department.


2. Let TimePlan Software host your solution

Most of our customers today let TimePlan Software host their installation. The advantages of this option are that you do not have to invest in the server licences yourself and that you do not have to keep track of updates and maintenance. We guarantee availability and offer hard disk space for a 5-year period as well as secure data backups.


TimePlan Software hosts the solution in the cloud at two hosting centres. Both are located in Denmark. As a customer, you have peace of mind because the servers are configured for maximum resilience. TimePlan Software operates all servers in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), so you do not have to worry about data security, data retention, etc.

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