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One of the things that make TimePlan unique and a leader in workforce management is the foundation upon which TimePlan is built to deliver analysis and control across the whole platform.

TimePlan makes it easy for you to make correct and reliable decisions based on the built-in reporting and intelligence, right from decisions about individual employee planning to top-level management decisions about your workforce.

From a top-level approach, a manager can analyze the workforce performance of departments and of the entire company with a few clicks.

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Meet TimePlan Analytics

Unnoticed shifts, overlooked anniversaries, or an overburdened department could hide within data. The game changes with the introduction of TimePlan Analytics. This innovative BI tool makes it easy for users to access vital information about their business and employees. Whether it’s tracking discrepancies in the time clock or discovering if an employee is under added stress, TimePlan Analytics illuminates hidden insights for informed decision-making. 

Harness data-driven decision making with TimePlan Analytics

TimePlan Analytics offers streamlined access to essential business information. This tool provides clarity, helping users make informed choices with ease.

Identifying discrepancies, like an employee’s varied check-in times, becomes straightforward. Additionally, it assists in recognizing if an employee’s workload exceeds the norm, enabling management to respond effectively.

POWER: TimePlan is simple and detailed

”What we are particularly pleased about with TimePlan is the fact that the program is intuitive and that our employees understand it right away. TimePlan also has tremendous flexibility. You can run a single basic plan or create a detailed wage budgets and reports,” says Mads Stenger, Operational Manager for the consumer electronics retailer POWER.

For POWER, TimePlan is part of the expansion strategy in Denmark. Mads Stenger uses Digital Signature to sign 70 new employee contracts in Viby, and he shows the TimePlan Web App at employee intro meetings at the new POWER stores.

“We selected TimePlan because the program gave us more accurate numbers than the software we previously used. TimePlan has many more functions and helps us run a much better business.”

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