Task Management

Task management of employees, locations, and shifts

Task management of employees, locations, and shifts

Employees can handle many different tasks. Knowing their skills, competencies and preferences is essential to employee development, motivation, and utilization of resources for your workforce planning.

With TimePlan, you can register data about the tasks capabilities of employees, including their certifications, and schedule work tasks accordingly. This is particularly useful e.g. within the building and construction industry, where a task may require a particular qualification or competency to complete.

If some employees prefer to work based on a particular work pattern, you can update their preferences in TimePlan.

Task Optimization

TimePlan ensures that the necessary work functions and competencies are placed in the right place at the right time.

If you are servicing a lot of customers at the cash register in the afternoon, more employees can be assigned to this function. If you have less customers in the morning, an employee can be assigned to the storeroom or replenishment of stock.

TimePlan visualises the work functions with colour codes and names in the basic plan and planning tool.

JEM & FIX fix brings TimePlan to Norway

“We have used TimePlan for the past 15 years in Denmark, because the program meets our needs for flexible staff management. We have had a say in developing new TimePlan features, and the fact that TimePlan can be set up to meet our specific needs is essential to us,” says Jesper Paarup Blicher, HR & Operations Controller, at jem & fix Denmark.

“At jem & fix, we think a lot about our use of resources. Not only in terms of how many employees are going to work where and when, but also in terms of competencies. Which employees are capable of what? Now, we have the same opportunity in Norway thanks to TimePlan,” says Jesper Paarup Blicher.

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Task management is an important tool for the hotel industry

”The TimePlan module Functions is also very important for our customers in the hotel industry,” explains Magnus Borjesson from the Swedish TimePlan distributor, PA Kompentens.

”Functions make it possible to split the wage costs into different departments. If an employee spends three hours helping with breakfast and then does a five-hour shift at another restaurant in the hotel, TimePlan can divide the hours into two departments within the same shift. This way, our hotel customers can see the wage costs for breakfast,” says Magnus Borjesson.

“I’m very visual, and with TimePlan I can put everything in boxes and colour codes. All employees are displayed in one, large screenshot, and they all get the work hours they need over a six-week period.”

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