Modular setup

Flexible workforce management platform tailored to your specific needs.

Base Module

  • Base Plan

    The base plan is easy to maintain and can serve as a template for general shift patterns.

  • Calendar

    Planning of the employee’s work hours in such a way that it follows a curve defined by the manning needs of the company per hour.

  • Collective Agreements

    Setup and maintain the collective agreements and local rules applied by your company.

  • Employee Master Data

    Employment information and settings about the individual employees.

  • Planning & Scheduling

    The daily tool for the detailed planning of employees in terms of working hours and absence.

  • Absence, Holidays, and Reimbursement

    Registration and overview of the hours and days absent for each employee, plus functionality to handle reimbursement, special days, etc.

  • Notification Rules

    Warning rules helps you to avoid conflicts with your employees and saves you from unnecessary wage costs.

  • Departments

    Departments that reflect the organisational structure of your company.

Additional Modules – Employee Scheduling

  • Autoplan

    The Autoplan module generates the work schedules for you, saving time and wage costs based on the specific criteria entered into TimePlan about employment conditions, preferences, functions, and manning requirements. Autoplan validates the information and suggests the most cost effective work schedule for a given period.

  • Time Off in Lieu

    Planning of the employee’s work hours in such a way that it follows a curve defined by the manning needs of the company per hour.

  • Holiday Management

    Holiday Management is a valuable tool for the wage department, making it easy to monitor the overview of employee holidays. You will always have accurate information when exporting to the payroll system.

  • Shifts

    Shifts is a planning tool showing you which employees are available during a given period of time. You can create different types of shifts with different colour codes, thus gaining a clear overview.

  • Functions

    With the Functions module, it is easy to plan and distribute tasks and resources according to each job title within the company. TimePlan ensures that the necessary tasks, work functions and competencies are placed in the right place at the right time. A function can be physical placements, competencies, and job functions.

  • Wage Budget

    The Wage Budget module is a useful management tool for planners and controllers at the head offices and district offices. An overview of absence costs, wage costs and key indicators can be viewed to better control budgets and avoid planning mistakes. You also gain a greater overview of how much money is being saved through optimisation.

  • Manning Simulation

    With the Manning Simulation module, you can calculate a realistic plan for manning based on the stream of customers during the day, number of production units, and other factors influencing the manning need. This function enables you to save wage costs as it ensures that your manning is correct and based on the actual needs.

  • Projects

    With the Projects module, you can plan projects for each employee and keep track of how the project is progressing in terms of budget and timelines. The Projects module is particularly advantageous if an employee works on numerous projects that carry budgets and timelines, resulting in them being completed profitably.

Additional Modules – Time & Attendance

  • Time Registration

    With the Time Registration module, you can easily register, approve, and edit work hours.

  • Special Holidays & Flexitime

    Planning of the employee’s work hours in such a way that it follows a curve defined by the manning needs of the company per hour.

  • Sign In

    With Sign In, you can register the work hours of each employee via terminals, card readers, pin code, or simply via sign in and out on the TimePlan Web App.

Additional Modules – Analytics & Administration

  • Electronic Forms

    Manage and save employment contracts, company policies, notes and forms. Contracts can be signed with the digital signature functionality.

  • Web App and Native App

    With the TimePlan Web App and Native App, your employees always have important information right at hand. They can easily keep track of their work hours, Time off in Lieu, holidays, salary, allowances, etc. via their smart phone or tablet. In addition to their own data, your employees can find useful information about their colleagues and message each other.

  • Statistics

    The Statistics module is a useful tool for managers and planners to analyse and review cost implications. You can manage the employee turnover and create your own statistics with graphs or tables.

System integration

  • Exporting to Payroll

    Payroll Export allows you to export payroll data from TimePlan to your chosen payroll system. You have a complete overview of the payroll data, total costs, and costs associated with each employee. TimePlan calculates the work hours of each employee, their allowances, overtime, holiday, absence, etc. based on the approved data.

  • Export data

    With the Export module, you can easily export data from TimePlan’s database to other databases and IT systems.

  • Import data

    With the Import module, you can easily insert and change data in TimePlan via import of external data. Thanks to the high level of flexibility within the import setup, it is possible to integrate TimePlan with most IT systems.

  • Auto Run

    With Auto Run, you can easily export and import data at fixed periods of time in order for external and internal information to be updated. You can e.g. important the daily turnover in TimePlan, if your company uses another system to supply these data.

TimePlan is a Windows based system with the option to add-on the Web App

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