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Collective agreements

TimePlan is your complete workforce management solution, which offers a great number of features to help you and your company with digitalisation and structure of different types of administrative HR tasks. This includes staff management, employee development, reimbursement, key figures, staff composition, sickness, absence, statistics, etc.

When an employee is first hired, TimePlan stores the employment contract with other important employee data. Notes from staff development interviews and other important documents can also be stored in the master employee data.

TimePlan ensures that all local rules and collective agreements are adhered to in each country and that all data is stored in compliance with the applicable legislation, the corporate strategy and internal policies. TimePlan is currently in 16 languages, and you can shift between languages with just a few clicks.

TimePlan HR Total powered by 2people

TimePlan Software is dedicated to providing HR departments with the tools they need to succeed. That’s why we have formed a partnership with 2people, a leading platform for HR administration. Together, we offer a comprehensive solution to HR departments, helping them streamline processes, increase productivity, and drive results.

Digital Signature – easy and secure with TimePlan

With Digital Signature, you can sign documents directly in TimePlan. The function saves our customers time and costs and increases the safety around storage of personal material. No more contracts via e-mail.

In the past, a HR administrator would typically have to print an employment contract, send it to the employee, scan, upload and store it in the electronic folder in TimePlan.

“But now, our Nordic customers can submit the contract for digital signature and let their employees sign,” says Nikolaj Johannesson, programmer at TimePlan Software.

“As an administrator, you can choose how many and which employees and department managers should sign. All signed documents are automatically stored in the employee’s electronic folder.”

No more printing and scanning

With Digital Signature, the employee will receive an email with a link where they can log in, read the documents and sign via NEM ID. The sender can write a message about the signature deadline.

“When the employee has signed, the administrator will see a green checked box in TimePlan. The document can be locked so it cannot be edited, and employees can post comments. In the overview window, you can see who hasn’t signed yet and send out reminders,” says Nikolaj Johannesson.

He emphasizes that Digital Signature also benefits the environment and saves postage, etc.

Secure storage of sensitive and personal data

With Digital Signature, you avoid having contracts and other sensitive material lying around in an e-mail inbox or on an employee’s computer. All documents are securely stored in TimePlan and can be accessed quickly and easily. 

For Nikolaj Johannesen and the rest of the employees at TimePlan Software, secure storage of personal data has the highest priority. Digital Signature has been developed following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in collaboration with esignatur.

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