Mission and values

Our Mission

To give TimePlan’s customers the best possible conditions – employer and employee – to plan and execute work.

We do this by providing the best software solution for online Employee Scheduling, Time Registration and HR Administration, including:

  • Ensure that local labour rules and collective agreements are handled correctly.
  • Overview, security and more time / profits in everyday life.

Respecting your time - but what does it mean?

For more than 25 years, TimePlan has focused on shift scheduling and time tracking. When mentioning the concept of ‘respecting your time,’ we actually focus on several things. It is what TimePlan employees stand for every day.”

Watch the video to learn more about what makes TimePlan unique from Rex A. Clausager, CEO of TimePlan Software.

Our Values


We do the right thing the first time around. 

Security & Trust

We manage agreements and other complex rules and advice within the areas we are experts in.


TimePlan runs steadily, and our support is ready to help every day from 7:30 – 16:30.

Ease of everyday life

TimePlan makes everyday life easier and more manageable. Our customers save time, costs and worries in everyday life.

Automatic Shift Planning

Let Autoplan create the roster, so you can spend more time on your customers and employees. Based on the data you enter in TimePlan, Autoplan will generate the best possible roster.

Structure and Overview

TimePlan provides your employees, department managers, HR departments, wage departments, and controllers with structure and overview. Employees can view their roster and swap shifts with their colleagues anytime.

Security in personal data

Security and trustworthiness of data has the highest priority in TimePlan. That is a key reason why many multinational companies rely on TimePlan to handle the data of hundreds of thousands of employees.


20+ years of experience

TimePlan is the result of 20+ years of experience handling work hours and employment laws across 25 countries. From the outset, TimePlan has been developed in close collaboration with our customers.


Social responsibility

At TimePlan Software A/S, we recognise our social responsibility in relation to employees, customers, local environment and the world as a whole.

We make the company available to vulnerable unemployed persons by specifically establishing flexible jobs, careers, internships, etc. Therefore, we have joined the Aalborg Alliance through Jobcentre Aalborg.

We take part in the upgrading of labour to establish competence development courses for unemployed and employees employed by the company. We treat all employees, customers, partners, distributors, etc. equally, fair and without discrimination.

Humanitarian support and sponsorships

As a Christmas gift to our customers, TimePlan Software A/S supports the SOS Children’s Villages with an annual donation.

In addition, since 2015, we have supported the football tournament Nepal Cup and the reconstruction of schools in Nepal after the earthquake in 2015.

We also sponsor ad-hoc projects, most recently Spar Nord’s cycling race for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and a walk on the Camino in Spain in favor of Lion Club Gug’s anti-bullying campaign

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