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For any support related to our TimePlan app, please reach out to your designated TimePlan admin or leader within your organization. They are well-versed in the app functionalities and can provide immediate assistance. Remember, it’s important to direct your queries internally first, as our team might not be able to address them directly.

If you’re unable to get in touch with your TimePlan admin or leader, we recommend waiting for them to be available or trying to reach out to another leader in your organization. They might be occupied or busy at the moment, but they will get back to you as soon as they’re free. Our contact form is not a suitable channel for this kind of inquiry.

TimePlan keeps track of employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration for 10 employees and above. There is no upper limit for how many employees TimePlan can handle.

TimePlan is modular by design and ensures that the needs of your business are met precisely – nothing more, nothing less. The price of TimePlan, therefore, varies depending on which modules you choose. Contact one of our sales consultants for a free TimePlan demo.

TimePlan is used by a large number of companies and organisations in retail, trade, leisure, transportation, hotel, restaurant, care, production, banking, finance, industry, and service. Read what our customers say about TimePlan

Law / GDPR

Yes, TimePlan is set up to automatically comply with local employment market rules and industry-specific agreements. Every time a new law or rule comes into force, TimePlan is updated to comply with it.

Yes, TimePlan helps to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about TimePlan and GPDR.

Functionality questions

In TimePlan, you can create a roster in several different ways. You have the opportunity to include employee requests via TimePlan’s Web App and let the employees bid on vacant shifts. There is also the option of using TimePlan’s Base plan. If you roll out your roster via the Base plan, a year’s roster is generated in just a few seconds. TimePlan can also create a roster automatically via the module Autoplan. This requires that you know your staffing needs. Shift planning in TimePlan can be further combined with functions and projects.

With the module Autoplan, you can let TimePlan create the schedule for you – completely automatically. Autoplan takes into account the employees’ holidays, wages, seniority, certifications, preferences, competencies etc. You can adjust the roster afterwards. Read more about Autoplan.

Employees can see the roster on their mobile, tablet and computer with TimePlan’s Web App and Native App.


With TimePlan’s Web App and Native App, employees can release shifts they are not able to take and bid on vacant shifts. You can set up TimePlan so that the swapping of shifts can take place without a manager’s approval, according to the first-come, first-served principle or with a manager’s approval of shift changes.

Yes, with the messaging function in TimePlan’s Web App and Native App, you can send messages to your employees and they can message each other. As a manager, you can communicate to all employees at once via the messaging module and communicate general information under Company News.


You can register sign-in and sign-out times in TimePlan using a terminal, card reader, personal code, TimePlan’s Web App, etc. It is also possible to register work hours in TimePlan after a shift has ended. Contact TimePlan Software’s consultants to hear more about time registration.

Yes, TimePlan automatically keeps track of holidays, absence, time off in lieu, illness, etc. based on the data you enter as an employee, administrator, or manager. You can always see how much holiday and time off in lieu an employee has left.

You can keep track of staff, contracts, documentation, certifications, reimbursement management, key figures, etc. via TimePlan’s HR module. TimePlan also takes collective agreements and local agreements in the individual countries into account.


Yes, you can sign contracts and other important documents with Digital Signature in TimePlan. You save time and postage, and Digital Signature also increases data security and compliance with GDPR

For more help with our product visit our support center

Large hotel chains, catering companies, and restaurants across Europe use TimePlan as their workforce management system.

Department managers, crew leaders, restaurant managers and house cleaning supervisors are in complete control of their workforce with TimePlan.

Staff planners create rosters and forecasts to optimize their manning needs. Receptionists, catering staff, and cleaners sign in and out of TimePlan to record their work hours. They also check their schedule and messages on their smart phones.


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