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Staff management for industrial services

Shift planning for production and industrial service providers

Organisations working in the maritime, energy, recycling and biotech sectors have a common need for reliable and scalable software to schedule and manage employees work hours, along with their HR administration processes.

More and more companies within the industrial service sector arena decide to use TimePlan to plan their shifts, manage time and attendanceabsenceHR Administration, and much more.


Assign staff to projects

TimePlan has a module called Projects that allows you to assign workers to projects or tasks throughout a day. If an employee needs special skills or a certification to take on this task, you can make a note of this in TimePlan.

The workers record their hours by signing in and out of TimePlan, e.g. three hours on one task, four hours on another. TimePlan’s module Projects can also be integrated with third-party systems.

The project module is an extension of TimePlan’s shift planning, where you can analyze, how much time is spent on a task and how much the wage costs are.

Our Customer Says

No more pen and paper at Hytek

TimePlan has optimized the internal processes and given an increased focus on marine and industrial markets for Hytek A/S. The old workflow has now been replaced by TimePlan, which makes daily management much more efficient.

Until recently, Hytek A/S in Sindal and Frederikshavn used pen, paper, and a whiteboard to keep track of tasks and their thirty hourly workers. The company provides customer-specific solutions in hydraulics and mechanics in Denmark and abroad.

Tom Samson (left) shows Henrik Dam, consultant at Hjørring Business Center, and Allan Hejslet, project manager at MARCOD, TimePlan in action on the monitor.

TimePlan optimizes our productivity

”TimePlan gives us an updated overview of what projects our employees are working on right now. We can sit anywhere in the world and be up to speed. TimePlan shows us the skills of our employees, including their certifications. We can send the right people off to the right tasks and quickly reprioritize,” says Tom Samson, Chief Operating Officer at Hytek.

The modernization of Hytek’s IT system with TimePlan is – with the words of Allan Hejslet, MARCOD Project Manager for the Maritime Growth Program – ”an optimal way to get the most out of the new market opportunities.”


The Autoplan module automates the detailed planning process and allows you more time with your customers and employees.


TimePlan warns you if collective agreements and local rules are not adhered to during planning and scheduling.


TimePlan gives you an updated overview of staffing. You avoid under and over staffing and save work hours and wage costs.


TimePlan has a clear and intuitive user interface, which optimises the planning process. All data is stored in one place.

“I’m very visual, and with TimePlan I can put everything in boxes and colour codes. All employees are displayed in one, large screenshot, and they all get the work hours they need over a six-week period.”

Robert Bruun Mariager

Operations Coordinator

ARC Genbrugsstationer

Customer since 2003

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