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TimePlan is the leading workforce management software for banks and financial institutions. TimePlan complies with collective agreements and local rules, e.g. the Finance Association agreement in Denmark.

One of the advantages of TimePlan is that the software is customisable. Meaning if you are a bank or financial institution in a particular country or area, TimePlan can be set up to comply with your local rules and regulations.

More time for customer service

TimePlan customers experience that they save countless work hours and wage costs every month by using TimePlan for workforce planning, time recording, and HR administration.

This means that banks and financial institutions can focus on servicing their clients while TimePlan keeps track of the employment rules and regulations.

Our Customer Says

TimePlan eliminates manual calculation for Santander

“We selected TimePlan because the program was more ambitious than its competitors and it supports the Finance Association’s collective agreements,” says Martin Wennerstrøm, HR Analyst at Santander Consumer Bank.

HR analyst Martin Wennerstrøm (photograph) introduced TimePlan at GE Money Bank in 2013 and has since taken the program through the merger with Santander Consumer Bank.

He is pleased about the fact that TimePlan complies with the Finance Association’s collective agreements and that it makes everyday life easier for Santander’s employees and management.

Supports collective agreements

”At GE Money Bank, a need had arisen for employee scheduling and a desire to step out of Excel due to increased complexity and audit trails. We looked at three providers, and we selected TimePlan because the program was far more ambitious than its competitors and it supported the Finance Association’s collective agreements,” says Martin Wennerstrøm.

When Santander took over GE Money Bank in 2014, TimePlan became part of the new setup because Santander’s model for shift planning was also based on Excel

All manual calculation has disappeared

”We implemented TimePlan in stages during the merger, and today, we use the modules for employee schedulingtime tracking with fingerprint readers, absence management, illness and holidays, etc.,” says Martin Wennerstrøm.

”All manual calculation of pay supplements has disappeared. We save work hours and wage costs every month. If an employee works in the evening, TimePlan automatically gives them a per diem amount for food. The errors that we encountered before in Excel are gone too,” says Martin Wennerstrø


The Autoplan module automates the detailed planning process and allows you more time with your customers and employees.


TimePlan warns you if collective agreements and local rules are not adhered to during planning and scheduling.


TimePlan gives you an updated overview of staffing. You avoid under and over staffing and save work hours and wage costs.


TimePlan has a clear and intuitive user interface, which optimises the planning process. All data is stored in one place.

“As a manager, TimePlan helps me optimise all resources at our call centers. Our employees also get an easy overview of who they will be working with on their next shift.”

Rene Christoffersen

Functions Manager

Spar Nord Direkte

Customer since 2013

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