Danish Workforce Innovation Spanning

Three Decades

TimePlan Software is the innovative software vendor of the Workforce Management software product TimePlan.

The company was founded in Denmark by Henrik Baasch, who continues to lead the company as its CEO today. Henrik is surrounded by a number of passionate employees, many of which have been with the company for several years.

Henrik Baasch launched the first version of TimePlan in 1995 in collaboration with the Danish Union HK, Dansk Handel & Service and leading retail businesses.

The goal was to deliver a software product that makes Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Analytics & Administration easy, efficient, accurate, and in compliance with collective agreements.

TimePlan was off to a flying start with rapid growth through Denmark. The launch of the Internet prompted retail and service businesses to look for efficient solutions to online scheduling that would replace Excel spread sheets and deliver a professional way of managing important employee data.

The first version of TimePlan was launched on a floppy disk that was sent or delivered in person to the customer. The Windows-based software has gone through several developments and has evolved into the TimePlan of today, with an online web interface which is compatible with Mac, mobile and tablet devices.

Most recently, TimePlan 7 was launched with a brand-new TimePlan Web App. Other news included new functionalities for automatic scheduling and digital signature of employee contracts and documents (in countries where applicable).

Today, companies in 25 countries use TimePlan in their local language, adhering to local employment rules and regulations.

Many of TimePlan Software’s customers are large multinational businesses with thousands of employees in the service industry, including retail, hotels, airports, amusement parks, catering, transportation, and industrial services. TimePlan also handles enterprise customers with 10-50 employees.

Henrik Baasch and his international team continues to deliver software made in Denmark from the head offices in Aalborg, Denmark, and through a combination of local offices and partners. Many of TimePlan Software’s employees and distributors have worked with TimePlan for several years helping to schedule more than 200.000+ employees for customers every day.

Through close collaboration with an ever-increasing customer base and thanks to a continuous and innovative development, TimePlan Software continues to set the standards within the Workforce Management arena.
In recent years, TimePlan Software has proudly been awarded as a Gazelle company by Børsen (Company Growth award) and has been listed as one of Computerworld’s TOP 100 software companies.

TimePlan Software has also been accredited as a AAA Gold Diploma holder for the highest creditworthiness ten years in a row.

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Companies in 25 countries use TimePlan

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